Freight, Logistics and Distribution


Whether you are an air freight specialist with very large volumes or offer air freight as part of a full range of services, Azyra provides unrivalled efficiency.

Air Waybills and Cargo Labels

House and master air waybills and cargo labels are prepared easily and Air waybill numbers are managed efficiently.

Collection and Delivery

In Azyra, the air freight facilities are seamlessly integrated with all the facilities described in Operations. This gives you maximum efficiency in organising collections and deliveries as well as the air freight itself.


The Azyra transport planning facilities enable jobs to be easily attached and removed from consolidations. Costing and profitability of consolidations are handled automatically.

Regular Jobs

The regular jobs facility allows you to use any job as a template and specify which aspects are to be repeated – including the air waybill, collection and delivery details, pricing and costing. If the quantities vary from job to job, the pricing and costing are automatically adjusted according to the relevant tariffs.

Recruiting Business and IT Graduates

We are actively recruiting graduates with good masters degrees