Freight, Logistics and Distribution

Business Intelligence

In addition to powerful management reports, Azyra lets you use interactive Business Intelligence tools to explore the information in your database. You can use tools like Qlikview, Business Objects or our favourite, PowerPivot.


This is the revolutionary facility which comes with Microsoft Excel 2010 which leverages data in SQL Server 2008. It's as powerful as a system costing hundreds of thousands but it's free and remarkably easy for the novice to use or the IT expert to optimise.

Check out the videos on the PowerPivot website.

Azyra's Data Warehouse

Azyra comes with a super data warehouse as standard. This processes data from the main database into a form which makes business intelligence easy. So you can concentrate on exploring the trends and patterns in your business.

Recruiting Business and IT Graduates

We are actively recruiting graduates with good masters degrees