We are actively recruiting supply chain and transport professionals to join our world class team of consultants who work with our clients in 14 countries to dramatically improve their businesses.

Our consultancy team

Our consultancy team provide training, advice and support to our clients to improve their processes, efficiency and profitability.

Work with the best...

Azyra sets new standards for ease of use so instead of dealing with the complexity of typical enterprise software, our consultants focus on how our clients can achieve immediate improvements by implementing Azyra.  

.... at a high level

This transformation is achieved by working with our clients’ senior management and directors to plan and implement change.

Work from home

For the past 15 years our teams have worked from their home offices in Austria, Dubai, Germany, Ireland, Nicaragua, North America. We use Microsoft Teams to collaborate with each other and with our clients.

Meet up

We meet up 4 times a year in interesting cities for social events and to attend courses and conferences and visit businesses using Azyra.

Unmatched experience

The broad scope of Azyra will give you unmatched experience in customer service, logistics, purchasing, warehousing, financials, CRM, cloud hosting, online web services, handhelds, smart phones, IoT, maps, Office 365 integration, business intelligence, EDI and APIs.

Personal development

We complement your work experience with in house and external courses – not necessarily related to your work but with a view to your personal and professional development.

Define the future

Our consultants use their knowledge and experience from working with our clients to collaborate with our development team on continual improvements and innovation.

Unlimited opportunity

30 years of innovation and refinement have resulted in the secure growth of our business based on referrals from happy clients. As we ramp up our marketing to accelerate our growth, the opportunities for career advancement are unlimited.

Work life balance

We have an excellent working environment – for example we don’t do overtime so you have the energy for a full life which is the basis of a true professional.


We have a very positive remuneration policy to ensure that you share in the success and growth of our business.

General Requirements

  • 3+ years experience in freight, transport or supply chain
  • Excellent English
  • Good communication skills
  • Attention to detail combined with imagination
  • Practical approach to real world problems
  • Good university degree
  • Enjoy challenge
  • Lifelong learner

Roles and online application


To apply please submit our online application form.