We are actively recruiting talented senior and graduate software developers to join our world class team.

Work with professionals

Our business is owned and managed by our founder developers so you’ll always be working with professionals who understand and value your talent, your skills and the work you do.

Work from home

For the past 15 years our teams have worked from their home offices in Austria, Canada, Dubai, Germany, Ireland, Nicaragua and UK. We use Microsoft Teams to collaborate with each other and with our support consultants. Graduates can choose between working in our Dublin office or from home after a short induction period.

Meet up

We meet up 4 times a year in interesting cities for social events and to attend courses and conferences and visit businesses using Azyra.

Fast Track Grad Programme

  • Introduction to Azyra enterprise system
  • Programming in multiple languages
  • Database development
  • Version and quality control for production environments
  • Professional commercial development
  • Full stack end to end development

Personal development

We complement your work experience with in house and external courses – not necessarily related to your work but with an eye to your personal and professional development.

Work life balance

We have an excellent working environment – for example we don’t do overtime so you have the energy for a full life which is the basis of a true professional.

Full Stack Developers

Our full stack Development Team work on all aspects of modern IT through all stages of development – from initial requirement, through specification, prototyping, development, testing, release and continuous detailed improvement.

Data Integration Developers

Our Data Integration Team work with our Development and Consultancy Teams to provide our clients with outstanding efficiency by mapping and optimising data flows between Azyra and their customers systems and government systems such as Customs and border security. They also develop reporting and analysis processes to provide world class business intelligence.  


We use .NET, C#, X#, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Office, WOPI, EDI, APIs, PowerShell and Azure Cloud. Our code is in Git and all our infrastructure is in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Our GUI is data-driven WPF and our mobile and web apps are developed in C#, Blazor, ASP and Xamarin. We are currently developing a state of the art API portal on Azure.


We are rapidly moving our substantial client base from their own networks to our state of the art SaaS service on the Microsoft Azure Cloud which provides world class security and access to unlimited resources.

Application areas

Our Azyra enterprise system handles order processing, purchasing, warehousing, financials, CRM, HR, cloud hosting, online web services, handhelds, smart phones, IoT, maps, Office 365 integration, business intelligence, EDI and APIs.


Everything we do is agile, collaborative, holistic and to world class standards. There are always an infinite number of ways of doing anything in software so we treat every project as a learning experience and react quickly to new knowledge and changing circumstances.

Data driven framework

Our software is built around a data driven framework of components and tools which we have refined continually through generations of IT – from MS DOS to the very latest Windows 10 running on the Azure Cloud.

Research and development

We solve every requirement by researching and developing new components and enhancing existing components. This continual investment to eliminate uncertainty in reliability and performance gives us many times the productivity and innovation of our competitors.

Project design

Our developments are split into manageable projects which begin with a draft specification prepared by one or more of our developers. The draft specifications are reviewed by two or more other members of the team. Often the entire Development Team will be involved down to detailed discussion of tools, classes, methods and coding.


Our developers test their own work rigorously before handing over to our support team for in depth testing. Our support consultants have deep knowledge of our clients’ requirements so they also review functionality and ease of use and propose changes and enhancements.


After specification, projects are taken on by one or more developers who have freedom to call on other developers to bounce ideas off, for information or advice, for assistance or to suggest improvements to the specification.

Quality is freedom

World class quality frees us from the burdens of legacy code and bug fixing so we are always agile and forward focused.


We have a very positive remuneration policy to ensure that you share in the success and growth of our business.

General Requirements

  • Excellent English
  • Attention to detail combined with imagination
  • A practical approach to real world problems
  • Top class honours degree in
      • Engineering
      • Science
      • Maths
      • IT
  • In the top 20% of your graduating class
  • Enjoy high quality coding
  • Lifelong learner

Roles and online application

Additional requirements

  • 3+ years in a company developing business software for sale or subscription
  • Java, C#, .Net, SQL, Web Development
  • Home office or serviced office in Europe with a good internet connection and within 1.5 hours of an airport with direct flights to Dublin


To apply please submit our online application form.

Additional requirements

  • 2+ years relevant experience
  • Home office or serviced office in Europe with a good internet connection and within 1.5 hours of an airport with direct flights to Dublin

Optional requirements

  • EDI/API data mapping
  • Business Intelligence - PowerBI, QlikView, Tableau or similar
  • Crystal Reports/SAP Business Objects


To apply please submit our online application form.

Additional requirements

  • Java, SQL, Web Development
  • C# and .Net would be an advantage, but we will send you on courses for C#, .Net and SQL Server, if necessary, as part of your induction programme
  • Vacation or placement work experience – not necessarily in IT


To apply please submit our online application form.