Freight, Logistics and Distribution


Azyra handles all types of EDI traffic so you can achieve the highest efficiency and meet the needs of any customer or business partner.

Automatic EDI

The Automatic EDI Monitor runs continuously to turn EDI messages into jobs, manifests, collection and delivery lists at any hour of the day or night while leaving you in full control. Status messages and alerts can be configured to the needs of each customer or partner and can include links to POD images or actual image files.

Message Formats

Azyra handles every type of EDI format:

  • XML
  • ANSI
  • CSV

Messages to special requirements can be configured by our Development Team using state-of-the-art mapping tools.

Sending and Receiving Spreadsheets

As standard, you can very easily send and receive spreadsheets with:

  • Warehouse Transactions
  • Freight Jobs
  • Collection/Delivery Lists
  • Manifests
  • KPI Reports

Business System Support Specialists

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Graduates in Business

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