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See your IT career take off with Azyra

Having established Azyra as a world class enterprise system against global competition we have outstanding opportunities for 2018 Masters Graduates in Engineering, IT, Maths and Science to join our Software Development Team.

Our 2017 Masters Graduates - Emma, Paul and Siobhan - hit the ground running and are fully involved with our directors and our clients’ senior management in setting new standards for enterprise software. This year Siobhan is managing our recruitment drive.


An excellent academic background is required including a 2.1 or higher Masters in Engineering, IT, Maths or Science and 500+ points in the Irish CAO with an A in Honours Maths or equivalent.

The successful candidates will be self-starters, quick learners and able to work in a team to high standards. Fluent English is required and good skills in a second language would be an advantage.

Good programming skills are required – not necessarily in any particular language as we know that good programmers can rapidly learn any language.


Our Dublin office at Central Park is beside the Luas stop and has excellent facilities including parking, bike to work, a top class gym, fitness and Pilates classes.

Cloud Hosting

Our clients run Azyra either on their own networks or various cloud services. We are currently developing cloud management software to automate hosting Azyra for ‘000s of companies on the Microsoft Azure Cloud.


Working as a member of our Team you have the opportunity to develop a high level of skill in all the important areas of IT.

    Dot Net HTML5 SQL Server Security
  Java Javascript Databases Cloud Services
  WPF Android IoT Analytics
  Xamarin Web Services EDI Architecture


Everything we do is agile, collaborative, holistic and to the highest world class standards. We solve every requirement by developing and refining components and tools. This results in very high quality software and gives us many times the productivity and innovation of competing software companies.

Working Style

All members of our Development Team are ‘full stack’ – everything works better when everyone knows how it functions as part of the entire system.

All our developments are split into manageable projects which begin with a specification drafted by our our chief software architect. Depending on the level of innovation and complexity, the specifications are reviewed by two or more of the Development Team. Sometimes the entire Development Team will be involved down to pseudo code level.

Each project is then developed by one of the Team who has freedom to call other members to bounce ideas off or to collaborate with on complex issues. In the course of development the original specification may be modified, contracted or expanded – every project is a learning experience.

All Developments are rigorously tested by our Support Team of Business Consultants who also review functionality and ease of use and make recommendations for enhancement either prior to release or for subsequent development.


We also undertake free ranging research projects to break ground in areas requiring new tools and techniques. The research is then validated by proof of concept projects.

Our Standards

We are different to the IT department in a large company or the development team in a tech company supporting a single application. We supply world class mission critical enterprise software so it’s not sufficient that our software works - it needs to be best of breed and crafted to the highest standards to it can be continually refined and improved.

Our Management Development Programme

We don’t have junior roles in our business and so from the start you work on projects matched to your growing skills and experience. You’ve invested a great deal in your education. Join us and we’ll invest in you – our experienced directors will be your mentors to guide your training and skills development.

We complement your experience with a wide range of training and outside courses – not necessarily related to your current work but with a view to your personal and professional development. We also provide the opportunity to travel to conferences and to collaborate with the IT people in our client companies around the world.

Work Life Balance

We provide an excellent working environment – for example we don’t do overtime so you go home fresh with the energy for a full life which is the basis of a true professional.


We have a very positive remuneration policy with an excellent starting salary which will be reviewed within the first year. Your salary will always be highly competitive ensuring you share in the success and growth of our business.


If you meet the requirements above, download and complete our brief Application Form and email it with your CV to

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