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Business System Specialists

Having established Azyra as a world class enterprise system against global competition we have outstanding opportunities for training, consultancy and support specialists with experience in the areas of CRM, accounting, warehousing and general business software.


An good academic background is required including a relevant degree and a number of years experience in training and support with a provider of business software.

The successful candidates will have good people and communications skills, and able to work in a team to high standards. 100% fluent English is required.


Our Dublin office at Central Park is beside the Luas stop and has excellent facilities including parking, bike to work, a top class gym, fitness and Pilates classes.

Our Business

Our business is owned by our Development Team and has strong cash flow resulting from subscription income from an enthusiastic client base. To date our client base has grown based on the reputation of our software with minimal marketing.

World Class

Over the past 30 years we have evolved Azyra through generations of technology to provide a single seamless solution for CRM, logistics, warehousing and freight operations, financials, and business intelligence. Azyra has been benchmarked favourably against, and replaced, systems from competitors around the globe.

Our technology is state of the art and our innovative design combined with rigourous attention to detail makes Azyra a world class competitor.

Where We're Going

We are now at a very interesting stage on three fronts. Firstly, we are gearing up our marketing to bring Azyra to a wide range of companies around the world. Secondly, we are developing Azyra to serve any type of business beyond our current market of freight and logistics. Thirdly, over the next 5 years we will add multi-language support, time records, HR, multi-national payroll, and comprehensive APIs to integrate with any system.

The Roles

The training and support specialists will work with ur team of Business System Consultants to provide clients with:

On-site and online training
Consultancy and advice
Support via email and phone
Software testing
Identifying and proposing improvements and enhancements


The role will provide unrivalled experience working with a modern, world class enterprise software and we will complement this experience with a wide range of training and outside courses – not necessarily related to your current work but with a view to your personal and professional development. The growth of our business provides excellent opportunities for advancement.

Work Life Balance

We provide an excellent working environment – for example we don’t do overtime so you have the time and energy for a full life which is the basis of a true professional.


We have a very positive remuneration policy and your package will always be highly competitive ensuring you share in the success and growth of our business.


If you meet the requirements above, download and complete our brief Application Form and email it with your CV to

Business System Support Specialists

Excellent opportunities for training and support specialists with experience in CRM, accounting, warehousing and enterprise systems.

Graduates in Business

Join our world class team of Business Consultants.