Freight, Logistics and Distribution


Azyra handles Fcl and all combinations of Lcl as well as RoRo and conventional freight via short sea and deep sea.

Everything you need for Sea Freight

All the facilities described in the following sections apply equally to Road, Air and Sea:


The Azyra transport planning facilities enable jobs to be easily attached and removed from consolidations. Costing and profitability of consolidations are handled automatically.

Collection and Delivery

In Azyra, the sea freight facilities are seamlessly integrated with all the facilities described in Operations. This give you maximum efficiency in organising collections and deliveries as well as the sea freight itself

Regular Jobs

The regular jobs facility allows you to use any job as a template and specify which aspects are to be repeated – including the Bill of Lading, collection and delivery details, pricing and costing. If the quantities vary from job to job, the pricing and costing are automatically adjusted according to the relevant tariffs.

Bills of Lading

Careful design minimises the work involved in preparing Bills of Lading with features to handle various formats and continuation sheets. Manifests can be customised to the exact needs of each line or trade and can handle a mixture of Fcl, Lcl, RoRo, conventional and bulk cargo.


Powerful quotations handle the complexities of ocean freight charges and surcharges. You can prepare quotations fully costed for multiple ports and carriers and present them in highly professional spreadsheet formats. And it's easy to apply quotation charges and costs to jobs – including surcharges based on date of sailing.

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