Freight, Logistics and Distribution

See your business transformed...

Azyra handles your entire business in a superbly designed Microsoft SQL Server database. With remarkable ease of use and power, Azyra meets the needs of the largest freight groups while offering the affordability demanded by the smaller operator.

Seamless integration of your entire business

Unlike any system you're familiar with, Azyra handles everything seamlessly – all the way from prospects through quotations, customer management, freight and logistics to excellent accounting and the best financial and management information you've ever seen.

... in a system that manages everything

Azyra takes care of your emails, documents and spreadsheets to harness the power of Microsoft in a way that dramatically increases the productivity of everyone in the company.


Download our Checklist to quickly compare your current system - or any other - with Azyra.

See the difference

When you see a demonstration of Azyra you'll be struck by its ease of use. Within minutes you'll marvel at how it will improve all aspects of your business. And you'll know what we mean by minimal training, rapid installation and dramatic improvements.

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