World class enterprise system

Azyra is a world class enterprise system refined over 30 years through generations of IT evolution. Supplied as a fully managed cloud service to run on any device. Azyra rapidly transforms every aspect of your business.

Any size

The most stunning aspect of Azyra is how it handles the needs of the largest global companies while providing the outstanding ease of use required by small local businesses.

Cloud service

Azyra comes as a fully managed cloud service – ready to connect with PCs, PDAs, tablets, mobiles and IoT devices anywhere in the world. Giving you the highest level of security and zero IT worries.

Industries served

Azyra currently serves 2 industries – logistics and distribution. Facilities for general and contracting businesses are under development.


The logistics version serves freight, transport, warehousing, eCommerce, supply chain and 3/4 party logistics.


The distribution version serves B2B wholesalers, distributors and resellers – from FMCG, through groceries, pharma, bonded goods, industrial and tech supplies.

Radically better

Azyra has everything you need in a single world-class system – everything to market your business, serve customers, drive down overheads, control costs, maximise cash flow and grow rapidly.

Easy to install

Azyra is intuitive, flexible and easy to use. With top-class support direct from Azyra and our partners, your business will be up and running rapidly. It delivers immediate benefits.

Easy to manage

Large numbers of users are easily managed so everyone has the options and permissions to do their job – and see no more than they need. The SQL Server database is self-managing and provides maximum performance, scalability and security.

Real support

To ensure you get what you need from Azyra, our experienced and enthusiastic team of support consultants are with you all the way.

Liberate your IT

Azyra frees your IT people from being carers to an assortment of ageing systems and gives them the tools, data and technology to drive your business in the digital economy.

All inclusive subscription

The Azyra monthly subscription includes cloud hosting, installation and training, ongoing support and painless automatic upgrades which deliver continuous improvement.

New areas of application

HR and payroll are on the horizon.

Talk to Azyra users

Contact us about Azyra and we’ll give you a list of the businesses using it – with contact names and phone numbers so you can talk to them about the quality of our system and service.


Facilities described are subject to quotation.